About us

A Reader’s Delight was founded by two sisters. Not Twins. Even though most people identify them as such. Rachel and Annie decided to one day create a blog partly because they were bored and mostly because of their shared love of books. 

Rachel 2.png

Introvert. Taurus. Teen. Rachel fell in love with words and writing the moment she was handed a copy of a book. She typically spends her free time reading, writing or anything of the arts. She also found her passion in binge watching the latest TV shows, researching anything and everything and of course food. She is a person of many hobbies. Currently, she loves running, swimming, traveling, eating, and drawing. Rachel can never back down a dare, and loves a good challenge. You can probably find Rachel’s nose in a good book. Again.


Annie 2

Extrovert. Aquarius. Teen. Annie is greatly inspired with works of classics and many genres of reading. Highly energetic and ambitious she is motivated with the process of expressing her ideas in writing form. She excels at all sorts of talents such as singing, soccer, reading for fun and of course being lazy. Annie believes that being engaged in varieties of activities will ultimately bring her success. Surrounded by great friends and family, Annie is motivated to stay positive, keep her head high and most importantly live many majestic lives through the power of books.