Review Policy & Rating System

Hi, everyone!

Thank you for visiting and considering A Reader’s Delight to review your book! All books and review copies accepted or received  by us will receive a honest review. Sending a review copy also do not guaranteed a positive review. Reviews are 100% honest and are not influence by any means.

Please send review copies few months before the publication date.
*If you send us a book unsolicited, a review is not guaranteed. *

We are accepting books in the following genres

  • Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Contemporary
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Dystopia
  • Other variety of YA books

Also, we prefer a physical format of the book.

*This is a Young Adult review blog, therefore we are accepting mostly young adult books, however MG and NA will be considered.*

Review contains:

All of our reviews will include the following:

  • Cover
  • Summary from Goodreads
  • Star Rating
  • Book Details: title, author, publisher, publication date, format,
  • Links to buy/pre-order the book, link to Goodreads page
  • Our thoughts and opinions (likes or dislikes, etc)

Rating System 
5 stars: Loved it alot, blown my mind away, will recommend to anyone and everyone
4 stars: Really loved it , there’s a few tweaks and flaws there but overall almost perfect
3 stars: It’s alright, it’s me and not you
2 stars: I don’t like it more than I like it
1 star: Why do I do this to myself? Not Recommended at all

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